Annual Meeting and Celebration - June 23, 2019

The Evergreen Playhouse invites our current members and Season Ticket holders for 2018-2019 to our Annual Meeting and Celebration on June 23rd at 5:00pm. We will hold elections for several open Board positions (see below) and give a recap to our General Membership of the past season. 

Anyone who is interested in the arts in Lewis County is also welcome to attend to hear the recap and get a preview of our next season and what the Board of Directors would like to accomplish in the next year. There will be snacks, prizes, and games! 

Come Experience the Possibilities with us at The Evergreen Playhouse on Sunday, June 23rd at 5:30 PM!

A member of the Board of Directors must:

  • Attend monthly meetings.

  • Participate in productions at least one performance/production (either on stage, behind the scenes, or in the front of house)

  • Be on at least two committees


Official Ballot must be received before June 23rd. They are anonymous, but must be received in a sealed envelope with voting member's name on the outside to verify membership (to vote in this year's Annual Meeting, you must be a current, paid member as of May 14). Thank you.

Applications for the Board of Directors (Term 2019-2021)

SECRETARY (2 year term)

Danielle Rivers: I have been very involved in the Evergreen Playhouse, even before being elected to the Board of Directors as a Member at Large in 2015. I have directed, acted, and designed for the EP and wish to continue my involvement in the arts locally. Since coming on the Board of Directors, I have been heavily involved with the advertising of the Playhouse (poster design, social media, website design, ticket production, Facebook ads, etc.). I have served as the EP Secretary for the past two years and have increased our accessibility with our patrons in communication and have produced readable and accurate minutes of all Board meetings and I feel that I am qualified and able to continue to fill this role. Please consider voting for me and keeping me on the EP's Board of Directors.

TREASURER (2 year term)

Alene Stewart: Dedication, enthusiasm and a working knowledge of the Evergreen Playhouse and it's Board. In addition to past service on the Board, I have been a Director, Co-Director, Stage Manager, Costumer, Props and Set Decoration person, and appeared in a few shows.

MEMBER AT LARGE (2 year term, 6 openings)

Matt Flores: Having been a part of theatre, for over 20 years, as an actor, as technical backstage help, and working for a theatre company, I believe that my knowledge, connections, and will to help in any way possible would make me a good candidate. I have been on all sides of the pendulum and would love to share my ideas on how to help make The Evergreen Playhouse become as successful as it can possibly be!

Rich Garrett: I bring over 35 years of theatre experience both on and off stage, hard work, dedication and creativity as well as the artistic drive to help the Evergreen Playhouse become the premier theatrical destination in Western Washington. I have helped the board take large strides over the last four years and look forward to more great work in the years ahead.

Craig Larsen: Just want to help how I can. I do tend to think from a patron's point of view.

Heather Marsh: I have been involved in theatre over the last 30 years. Although I have only been on the Evergreen stage twice, I have worked on the sound board and the light board multiple times. I love painting sets and think volunteering with concessions and tickets looks like fun. I have many ideas about organizing costumes and am eager to help out any way I can.

Lucy Page: I enjoy acting and promoting the theater. I am a local business owner and have experience as an event planner. I can help plan fund raising events, promote the current season, contact people from the community as sponsors and supporters as well as plan events.

Mark Pendleton: I have been happily involved with the Evergreen Playhouse for the last 20 years, having had a position of Vice President on the board with Phillip Wickstrom in the early 2000s. I have enjoyed being on stage is an actor in over 25 shows at the Evergreen, worked on over 30 sets as a builder according to the design of the directors, and believe the Evergreen Playhouse is filled with fantastic volunteers of good morals and values.


Shall the Evergreen Playhouse Board of Directors be authorized to pursue a loan in the amount of $225,000 plus closing costs and other applicable fees in order to purchase the property and building at 220 West Center Street, Centralia, WA?